Elite power made solid

We are the first elite sourced company to develop, finance and execute state-of-the-art organic RAS aquaculture projects, to support or organize marketing and branding and to include the international distribution of the products.

The core team representing this new kind of market approach is:

  • Rupert Baur, CEO. He is a German accomplished engineer and MBA with more than 20 years of experience in planning and building of big industrial plants, the last 7 years especially in the food industry with a position as CEO and board member in the leading fish and meat industry.
  • Burkhard Hormann, COO, is an accomplished German lawyer, turned to entrepreneur (ship) by following his passion to conceptualize and launch B2B and B2C solutions across a variety of industries. With more than 15 years of pan-continental business development expertise, he honed his skills to work in a diverse set of legal and cultural particularities.
  • Klaus-Peter Danes, CFO, is an accomplished economist and industry manager with more than 25 years of experience in small and big industrial companies like as the CFO of Nokia Germany or Hoechst Latin America. His passion for business development and distribution is one of the big assets in negotiations in his network of leading venture capital groups in Germany and Europe.

Competence in technology, financing and distribution, business strategy and marketing.
With these key persons in the front line and with our elite sourced members ColossalFish is capable to organize the full value chain form the idea to the sales of the customers’ products with its own competence and to service the customers in their long term business success!

We do not produce a new idea, but we stand in a more then 2000 year old tradition: Cicero described already the piscanii in Rome with a very elaborated system of aquaculture for fresh and marine water fishes with central hatcheries and decentralized growth basins for a short distance access to the market. The fishery sector in ancient Rome was in the hands of nobility and senators that could afford the high initial investment. But even these times, the business was very profitable and increased the nutrition situation in the first million-people-metropole. With our profound and innovative venture funding we want to give access to this system to everybody.

If you want to know more about our elite sourced company and crowd please contact us. We are keen to hear more about your project.

Join our innovative team

Maintaining our team of innovative people at their utmost potency is central to our business philosophy. We keep our group fresh and healthy by continuously looking for members with a passion to change the world in aquaculture. If you seek interesting international challenges and would like to join us, please request an invitation.