Draft your project

Our proprietary project brief template is designed to inform and inspire our development team.

  • Share your business and project idea.
  • Add local project informations.

Set confidentiality level

Select level of confidentiality to keep projects safe and compliant with any legal requirements.

Project Brief is released

Once all is defined and client is 100% comfortable, brief is released.

  • our expert crowd is analysing your project brief.
  • we will contact you for further question for creating our proposal for the pre questions we are contacting you.

Determine the contract for the pre project development

We do the math for the four steps on the world-class concepts, for your RAS plant, funding, branding and distribution of your products worldwide.

  • Step One
  • Step Two
  • Step Three
  • Step Four

To determine and evaluate the project dimension we need to preevaluate the project by a feasibility study, another step is the investment funding, realize the project construction and at least the branding/marketing and distribution.

Project Concepts are generated

Now our expert crowd swings in to action and what it does best - ideate.

  • Engineers and Scientist of Aquaculture and Marine are developing state of the art concepts.
  • Required Legal and License due diligence.
  • Financing and Funding.
  • Business Plan Development.
  • Branding/Marketing and Distribution Concepts.

Pick the best

This is the fun part. You decide what is the best conceptional solution for your project.

  • Each concept is printed or in PDF.
  • Plant models are optional.
  • Results will be shown in a presentation.
  • The best concept is selected by client.
  • Timeline and project start will be agreed.

Funding starts

Starting of the funding process.

  • Project related financing work flow starts.
  • Client receives the funds.
  • Orders by the client will be placed.

Project start

Everything is done for a good start to construct all.

  • Start of the Project and Constructing the Plant.
  • During construction phase the branding and marketing starts also the pre distribution.
  • Finally all ready Distribution is starting.
For further information, please check FAQs.